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AHPodd Business Services Ltd
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Company Information
Company Information

AHPODD BUSINESS SERVICES LTD was founded on the 6th February 2003 and has enjoyed 10 years of successful growth.

We work with a range of customers in many product fields, although mostly in fmcg and food industries, whereupon we supply them with a wide range of products and services at prices that cannot otherwise achieve. 

Our expertise in meeting the daily requirements of a busy marketing departments means we have also built up a very professional supply base for print and promotional items, and this enables us to expand our procurement and supply services to many other customers such as hotel chains and service sector industries.

By aggregating together many of customers requirements we can provide significant savings, we work closely with our partners (suppliers) that have been audited and approved by us to provide a cost effective solution.

FESTIVAL CAMPING is a subsidiary company and does exactly what is says it does:
We provide pre-erected tents and bedding equipment and other supplies for Festival organisers, (FestivalTenting@aol.com).
Also we arrange all aspects of off-site accommodation for VIP guests and bands as well.

(Please note that thoughout 2013 we worked Lucozade in raising the energy at several music festivals that summer. As such we provided them with interim skilled staff to manage the events and also with good quality staff camping accommodation on site. Did you join them in the Lucozade YES Arena for a high energy roller disco session during the day and a headphone disco at night? We were also thier chosen suppliers of their festival giveaways - Phew what a success that was for everyone involved!)

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Andrew Podd